she should be likin me if anythin
i admit my methods aint the greatest my words aint the sweetest but why should i go dishin out a disgustin slurry a sugar lies when i could be helpin em achieve the point to where they aint even fair words to describe their greatness

i miss eridan 

tomorrow im to finally reach my destination in norway 

whys it whenever im busy

tumblr isnt

my jealousy drove me to make this blog an i think theres somethin to be said about that

she should be payin attention to me an yet shes off interactin with people who aint worth her time

bein kind wont do her any favors an shes goin to fall into the curse a the domestics much too quickly an ive got to save her but shes just goin to end up as one a them

mistakin my kindness for an attitude when it is very much the opposite

whys it so hard to grasp for people that i am savin each an every one a em just by makin sure they dont fall into the disgustin domestics a everyday tumblr